Xanthe Murphy is a designer from Sydney working in ceramics, with a passion for making anything and everything. Her design ethos is strongly rooted in a belief that design should be highly functional and have longevity for everyday use, blurring the line between decorative and utilitarian to make every interaction special. 

Xanthe’s work is centred around questions of how to be a sustainable ceramicist in time of mass consumerism, focusing on the potentials for ceramic repair as an alternative to the premature disposal of imperishable fired ware. With special interest in the Japanese tradition of Kintsugi and the potential for its modernisation to bring repair into the domestic sphere.

Completing a Bachelor of Design (Honours) at the University of New South Wales in 2018, the new year will see Xanthe become a ceramics associate at the Jam Factory in Adelaide where she will continue to make work of small scale production and one-off bespoke pieces. Celebrating the uniqueness and eccentricities of objects handcrafted from clay.